Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I Want It All

Might as well face facts: I've never been one of those either/or types. I much prefer both/and. (This may explain why I often have a hard time making decisions.)

Yesterday I had one of those moments in which I was desperate to somehow make time stand still. There I was, caught by the sudden thought, This is exactly how it should be, and I didn’t want the moment to end.

I was sitting on the patio with two friends from our church in Cyprus. One of them still lives there, but the other one left about six months before we did. They were passing through town separately and ended up crossing paths at our house! Being together again felt so normal, just like we’d never been apart. How I love it when that happens!

It was wonderful to catch up face-to-face, hear news of mutual friends and see photos of recent events (Rhonda, you were a gorgeous bride!). The moment was doubly special for me because Jack and Sophie were playing in the garden at the time, so I had both the pleasure of being with Jude and Natalie again and the joy of sharing our sweet kiddos with them. (Jack and Sophie are really interactive now -- just so much fun!)

Right then it was like having the best of both worlds, yesterday and today. I could drink from that cup forever.

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