Friday, July 20, 2007

A Few Thoughts Before We Go

The only thing better than having 35 hours with a bosom friend and mentor I haven’t seen in eight years is getting to know the lovely young woman her (then 10, now 18 year-old) daughter has become and finding in her a true friend as well.

Emily, I’m excited about all that God will do in and through you in your university years -- and in the years to come after that. You’ve got more depth, more insight and a better grasp on grace than most women twice your age. I’m really glad I knew you as a sweet, fun and joyful child, but I’m even more thankful for the chance to know you as a strong, kind and faith-filled young woman -- and I’m happy to say the sweetness, fun and joy are still there, too!

On another note, school's out so this afternoon we’re off for a week’s holiday to the midlands! As in, the middle of England. This is our first chance to spend time away from the urban sprawl that is greater London, and I’ve pictured gorgeous countryside awash in wildflowers and hedgerows, dotted with sheep and thatched-roof cottages, all beneath a cloudless sky. At the moment, however, it’s pouring outside -- and the weather report is calling for FLOOD warnings in Shropshire.

Raining or not, we’re excited to get away together and discover a new part of the country. And stay in a castle! Well, not exactly a castle. A banqueting tower (one room downstairs and one room upstairs, in the middle of a vineyard). But it’s old! And it looks very castle-like. This is my Happy-40th-Birthday present from my amazing husband. Yeah, baby, it's good to be queen!

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Emily M said...

Thanks, Aunt Laura! I had an excellent time in London, and it was so good to see you again after eight years. You blessed me so much. Thank you!