Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Elijah Update (May 8)

Dear Prayer Warriors, Friends and Family;

Exciting, exciting news today. Elijah had a good Monday night and Tuesday morning he was all wiggly and wide awake. Praise God! All of his processes from tip to toe seem to be working properly. Praise God again and again!!

Elijah's feet and hands and tongue moved about most of the morning. All of his movement was setting off alarms because the probes couldn't monitor his vitals properly. The sedation is wearing off allowing Elijah to be more active, but this also means that he is more responsive to pain. So Elijah's nurse tried her best to keep him covered with Tylenol and other meds.

Finally in the afternoon Elijah feel asleep for a couple of hours or so. He was so worn out by his morning movements that he slept through several heel sticks and attempts at blood draws.

Dr. V was very excited about Elijah's conditions today and was happy to see him moving. Dr. V hopes to take out Elijah's vent soon. Last night "we" started giving Elijah food through a feeding tube and already today he is almost up to "full" feeds. We are praying that Elijah will be ready to drink from a bottle when his vent comes out.

Some of the swelling in Elijah's body has been reduced, but there is still a huge amount that needs to be "pulled" out. Please pray that this happens soon as the swelling on the surface indicates swelling internally and it impedes the healing process.

In the last update we invited anyone to come to pray with Elijah. Today we had three visitors. Thanks for the prayers and visits Kim, Lue and Rocky!

Judy has finally agreed to take a rest. She drove home Monday night and left Joel with Elijah. It's a Boys Only Campout at Wesley Medical Center without tents, bugs or campfires. Please pray for Judy. It is very hard for her to be away from her little man. This is Mothers' Day week -- hopefully she will be kept busy at the flower shop while at home and she will get some much needed rest.

Thank you so much for your letters, cards, e-mails, gifts, and prayers.


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