Monday, May 7, 2007

Elijah Update (May 6)

Elijah Daniel Fitzgerald is 3 months old today! A very big day! We are so grateful to have him with us this morning.

Surgery was VERY difficult for Elijah. At one point during the surgery, two of our doctors come talk to us to let us know that he was having a hard time. So we were prepared. Afterwards our surgeon came to talk with us and she was sad, very sad. In previous meetings she has always been positive. This time, she was very honest and shared with us her concern for him. She was very worried. The next hours would be critical ones for our little boy.

Hours were spent trying to get a new, stronger central line into his veins to help with getting his meds. The doctors were up against a wall and never did get good access. Elijah is functioning right now on a few peripheral IV's, and in the past they have worked for only 12 hours before stopping. We are praying for his veins to hold out so that the meds can continue. Last night Elijah's Mimi stayed with him while Joel, Judy and cousin Diane went to get some food. The phone rang, and we were told to return to the hospital right away. His vitals were falling. We were concerned that we would not make it in time. When we walked in, Elijah was just getting himself sorted out. His vitals improved, and throughout the night he continued to improve. Around midnight the doctors came in to talk with us. Joel asked, "Can he survive?" The doctor said, "If he survives it will be from nothing that we are doing." Joel said, "Have you learned from Elijah?" He said, "Oh yeah!" We do not want what Elijah has gone through to be in vain. We want the medical profession to learn from Elijah.

Sunday morning greeted us with more Kansas tornadoes and rainy weather. Elijah slept through it all and grew stronger as the day moved on. All of his "numbers" improved thought out the day. Mom took a nap in the morning, dad took a nap in the afternoon and at 5:00 we celebrated Elijah's 3rd month of life with cookies from Pan and songs sung to our little man. What an exciting time.

Elijah is swollen from the surgery, has had a blood transfusion, is still on antibiotics and his body is spending time healing. What in the world does God have planned for our little man? We have no idea!

Last night as we thought we were once again watching our little man enter into the presence of Jesus, we thought about the roller coaster of emotions we have been on.

Joel: "It's not a roller coaster, its a Ferris wheel!"
Nurse: "It's even been a broken Farris wheel! You have never been all the way to the top!"
Cousin Diane: "Maybe more like the Pirate Ship ride!"

Please, please continue to pray.

We also have another request. If there are any people in the area who would be willing and able to come and pray over Elijah here in Wichita, we would love that. We love to see people and pray with them for God's will in the life of our boy and ourselves.

Many have asked for our address again... Elijah is at Wesley Medical Center, Wichita, Kansas in PICU, and we are staying at:
Ronald McDonald House
Room 4,
520 N. Rutan
Wichita, Kansas 67208

Others have asked what they can do for us. Three things come to mind:
1) The Ronald McDonald House charges us $15 per day.
2) The hospital food got old a long time ago: McDonald's, Spangles, Pan Bread, Chipotle and Subway are nearby, and The Olive Garden is a great place to eat and relax.
3) Volunteer your club, church group, Sunday school class, etc. to prepare and serve a meal once a month or more often for your local Ronald McDonald House. This is a great blessing to us when we get a great sit down meal at the house.

Thanks you so much for your concern and prayers,

Joel, Judy, and Elijah Balboa

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