Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Elijah Update (May 15)

Dear Warriors,

We had a storm last night in Wichita. The power went out at the hospital, and things got a little crazy. Good thing for huge generators as most of the kids up here in PICU are on ventilators. I got to the hospital and found the stairwell. Five flights up to PICU and I thought, "I should have been doing this for the two months I have been here!" Elijah's room was stifling. He is located in the back corner. He was spread out with no blankets trying to keep cool. After much work the electricity came back on (I think PICU was the last to boot back up), and everyone is cool and happy again. Surgeries are now a day behind. They were already backed up with operating going on through the night until the power went off last night. We are grateful that Elijah is not needing an emergency procedure tonight.

Elijah? Well, he is bundled back up in his blankets and snoozing!

Elijah is doing so well! I just can't put into words how excited I am right now that he is doing so well. I do not remember a time when I felt so good about his health.

He is resting well, breathing slowly and deeply, and all of his "numbers" are looking great. The plan right now is for the chest tube to come out tomorrow and begin weaning him off the vent.

He is such a fun little guy. When he is awake he spends all his time trying to get his hands into his mouth even though the vent tube is in there.

Please continue to pray for Elijah. He is not home free yet. God is doing miracles in his little body, and we can't wait to have him home soon.

People have been getting upset with us for not sending photos of Elijah. He was not looking very good for many days, and we did not want him to have photos of his swollen little body floating around the world. :) SO, here is a photo of him today.

Thanks for praying! We can add Haiti and Ireland to our prayer map. It is truly amazing how huge the family of God really is.

JJ and the "World's Toughest Baby"

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