Sunday, March 2, 2008

Signs of Hope

Whew! It looks like the political rivals in Kenya are going to work together after all. What a relief. What an answer to prayer! It took more than five weeks to agree and merely a few moments for them to sign the deal brokered by Kofi Annan, but it will take much, much longer for the country to heal.

Kenya and her people have a steep road ahead. Dealing with the logistics of lost lives, destroyed property and vanished incomes. Dealing with the needs of 600,000 people displaced from their homes -- refugees in their own country. Dealing with memories of violence and the fear and/or (for those who participated in the chaos) shame that remains. Forging a new path in self-governance, incorporating the needs and views of all the people. Facing the issues of land rights. Rebuilding a damaged economy. Forgiving horrible, horrible wrongs and moving on in peace, justice and hope. This is an opportunity for real soul searching.

Please continue to pray that Kenya's leaders will seek to serve the people rather than lording power over them and that the citizens of Kenya, many of whom are believers in Christ, will live out the miracle of God's grace and forgiveness especially during this critical time in their country's history.

In other news -- much less urgent but still uplifting -- it looks like spring is on its way to England. The sun is coming up a bit earlier each morning, which makes waking up feel much more natural if you know what I mean. This week our neighbor's cherry tree burst into pink. Our daffodils have bloomed in the front garden. Buds are forming on various trees and bushes in our back garden, and the forsythia my Mom gave me for Christmas the year we moved here has begun to bloom as well. I think I'll be wearing camisoles and knee socks for a long while yet, but warmer weather is at last on it's way.

Thank God!

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