Monday, February 25, 2008

Downtown with Jack

Today was so much fun that I just can't keep it to myself.

But first, can I just say that five years has never gone by so fast! When Jack was born in Cyprus, we applied for his passport as soon as we could get a picture of him with his eyes open. Valid for five years, they said, which sounded like a long time to me back then, but May will be here before we know it -- and this year my first angel-baby will be five. FIVE!

Today was our appointment at the American Embassy to renew his passport. Friends-like-family from church graciously agreed to keep Sophie so I could take Jack downtown on my own, and oh my goodness, we had a blast.

As I've said before, one of my many favorite things about living here is that walking and taking public transportation are a normal part of everyday life. Our journey started at the Tube station near our friends' house.
I didn't get a picture of Jack on the train itself, but on our way downtown I surprised him with the news that first we were going to the Natural History Museum! To see the Dinosaurs!

After getting off the train, we walked through a sub-way (a tunnel-like walkway underneath an insanely busy intersection) to get to the museum.
One very excited boy at one very beautiful museum.
One very in-awe Mommy. (I love Romanesque architecture.)
And one very scary T-Rex.
Who made loud, scary noises.
Still Jack's favorite, though.
We also managed to see a few favorite mammals.
It was a quick visit but well worth it.
Also, going there first meant we got to see more of the city together.
And it gave us a chance to do what Jack has been begging to do for months and months (but what is impossible when traveling with a baby in a stroller, as we most always do): Ride on the top of a double-decker bus. We even had front row seats!
Dream. Come. True!
Before lunch: a little loopy.
After lunch: happy-happy-happy.
After successfully processing his passport renewal at the embassy:
"Can we go home now?"
On the train ride home: pooped.

From start to finish, the day was perfectly splendid. I really loved going on an adventure with my little man. And Sophie was over the moon to have a day with our friends. Sweet Marie even had supper waiting for us when we arrived back at her house!

The kids are both asleep in their beds now, and to tell you the truth I'm heading that way myself soon. Seriously, is there anything as wonderful as a day that works out exactly as you had hoped and planned? Maybe just this: I asked Jack what his favorite part of the whole day was, and of course it was riding on the top of that double-decker bus. (Ah, the joys of boyhood!) Mine was heading home on a packed train, smiling down at my son's upturned face and hearing him say, "I love you, Mommy."

(Yes, yes, I realize that all my vertical pictures posted horizontally. My big man and photographer/computer guru is away this week, and I've spent the better part of an hour trying to figure out what's wrong, but alas! It will have to wait until Matt gets back.)


Anonymous said...

Now I am really seeing the "baby Matt" in these photos! So wonderful! Thanks for including us! Grace and Peace 2 U!

jan said...

Laura! What a fun adventure-- I loved seeing Jack's many expressions throughout the day. And of course, I could reminisce about our journey with you last July! My heart is happy to see you happy in mothering! love, Jan