Saturday, June 9, 2007

Elijah Update (June 8)

Dear Friends,

How do you explain the Ferris Wheel of emotions that we have been on? You can't. Many people have told us to be strong, do not doubt, everything will be fine, etc...

Life is hard when you see the struggles and the pain every day. You see the changes moment by moment. Living two lives. One in Wichita and one in Ness City. Life is hard, but God is good. He gives us the strength to make it from day to day.

Our hopes are still high. Elijah is improving. However, we are faced with yet another surgery. Saturday morning at 7:30 Elijah will have a shunt placed to drain the fluid from his head into his abdominal cavity. This will help to relieve the pressure in his head. We feel confident about this right now, and the doctors have explained a lot to us. Please pray with us for Elijah's protection during this day. Pray for the doctors and for Elijah to recover well. Pray that he will clot.

Last year Judy's family planned a beach trip for June. With everything going on with Elijah, that trip was cancelled for us, and the nurses have heard of my desire to "just sit on a beach and sleep". SO, Elijah's nurses took him to the beach last night. Enjoy the photo. :)

Thanks for standing with us,
JJ and E

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