Friday, June 8, 2007

Elijah Update (June 7)

Greetings friends and relations,

(Have you ever read any Winnie-the-Pooh? All of Rabbit's "people" are called his friends and relations. I don't think that I am relating us to Rabbit but wanted to add a little lite-ness to this email.)

Elijah is 4 months old! YEAH! We were not sure he would live past the first week of life, so we are so grateful!

God is good. Throughout this entire process we have reminded ourselves that God is Sovereign. We cannot choose where He is in control. He is making Elijah into the little boy that He needs him to be. Elijah will have a story to tell.

For the past few days we have grown concerned about the pressure building up in his head. His "soft spot" was feeling very full. His eyes began to have some symptoms of pressure, and so after some "encouragement" from his mother, a CT scan and some discussion, his reservoir was tapped to relieve the pressure. We are praying that the Lord heals this aspect of our little boy's health. Pray with us for proper drainage in his head.

Today his eyes appear a bit better. Praise the Lord.

We are still working on his eating. Elijah does not have a strong desire to bottle, and this is an important part of life. Please pray with us that Elijah remembers how to bottle and enjoys eating. Pray that if his eating is due to the pressure in his head that the neurosurgeon will know what to do.

This is his first day on total room air... No oxygen! YEAH! Praise the Lord again! And again I say rejoice!

The plan is for us to... drum roll please... GO HOME!

YEAH! The doctors are thinking that we will be ready to go home next week. I am learning how to use the feeding pump and how to give Elijah his medicines (he will go home on many diuretics and sodium supplement). We are so exited about this and are praying that Elijah will not have another setback and that we will find a plan of attack for his swelling.

Today there are may changes and many things going on. Elijah is going to be getting an eye test, a hearing test and a visit from a neurosurgeon. The CT scan yesterday showed some things to be concerned about so we are getting an expert opinion. Please pray with us for the protection of Elijah's brain. We do not understand why this swelling has begun again at this time. Pray for God to HEAL!

Tomorrow night the entire unit moves to a new spot so the floors and everything can be cleaned here in PICU. All Elijah's cards had to come down from the walls today, and everything is packed up and ready to move.

Thank you for standing with us. We know that Elijah has been given to us as a gift from the Lord, and the number of days we get to enjoy him are in His hands. Pray that we enjoy all the days we have with our little boy. We are weary, but we know that there are so many holding us up. We could not do this alone. Thank you.

JJ and E

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