Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Snow Day

Having grown up in Michigan, I remember the thrill of waking up in the darkness of a winter's morning to discover that fresh, new snow had fallen during the night -- especially if there was enough snow to cancel school. So one morning while Matt was away on this last trip, when Jack came to wake me up and tell me the news ("Mommy, Mommy, some snow came down!"), that familiar rush of excitement came over me. We sat in his bedroom window looking out at our back garden all covered in its frosty blanket. It was a thin blanket, about an inch deep -- nothing much by Michigan standards, but pretty cool for this part of England.

After breakfast, I bundled up both kids and took them outside. Sophie sat on a blanket I had just bought on sale at Woolworth's, a plaid picnic blanket with plastic backing. It's what all the mums here have. Anyway, she just sat there! Didn't even try to crawl over to the snow. It was so funny. Jack and I built a snowman and then a snow mommy once Sophie went down for her nap. After a snowball fight with the very last remnants of snow, we went inside for hot chocolate and some Happy Snow Day music -- U2's All That You Can't Leave Behind. It was such a fun morning! I was really glad that we had the time to play, that Jack doesn't go to school until the afternoon, because by then the snow had entirely melted away.

Guess what? Snow is expected again tomorrow! The guys on the radio were going on and on today about how it's supposed to be the biggest snowfall London has had in years, and the weather report is calling for two whole inches...


John and Maureen said...

Hi Laura...Monie here. I walked the kids to school in the snow today...Kayleigh carried this massige snowball all the way and then donated it to some college students who were trying to build a snowman. They didn't have a carrot for th enose so they used a parsnip. How english! We leave for Kenya in the morning so I'm thinking of you so much and wish you were here with me. lots of love

Anonymous said...

Sounds like much fun. We are having frigid temperatures for Richmond but no snow. I'm drinking hot chocolate by the gallon though. Jars of Clay's "Redemption Songs" has been a soul-cheerer for me these days. The Jones clan might like it as well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Laura,
sounds like so much and enjoyed seeing the picture of cute! i love your new blog and so look forward to keeping up with your family this way. so glad you made some "home" connections through your indian friends from Kenya. love ya
Kelly (leblanc)

Unknown said...

Hey Laura,
It's Melissa Wright (Clarke)! It's so good see your pictures. We got some snow here in Roanoke ourselves. 1 and half inches! They shut all the schools down (Ha!). It was beautiful though and it was our dog's first snow. She kept taking her nose and shoving the snow to see if it was alive or posed any threat. After that she loved and ran around in it with Phil and me. We're going house shopping in Charlottesville this weekend. Very exciting. Phil starts his 2nd year of residency at UVA Medical in July. Also, I'm back in school now and am going for an R.N. I like it a lot. It's goog to hear from you and I look forward to checking our your blog regularly.