Friday, February 2, 2007

Putting the Kettle On

It's a beautiful day here in greater London -- blue skies and unseasonably warm temperatures. (Thank You, Jesus!) I've just come back from walking Jack to nursery school, and now that Sophie is down for her afternoon nap, all is quiet and still. I have the house to myself for two hours. Time to make tea! And start this blog. Hopefully it will help us stay better connected. I have full conversations with people in my head -- things I want to say and stories I want to tell -- but there never seems to be enough time or energy to translate them into individual letters, phone calls or emails. I'm not talking about big, exciting events -- just the everyday, ordinary stuff that we'd talk about if you were here. So bookmark this page, check in from time to time and feel free to comment. Let's keep the conversation going!

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Praise the Lord, O my soul; all my inmost being, praise His holy name. Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits -- who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's. The Lord works righteousness and justice for all the oppressed. (Psalm 103:1-6 NIV)


Anonymous said...

Good morning, Laura! I really wish we COULD have tea together, but what a lovely alternative you have come up with. If we were sharing a pot of Earl Grey right now, I would tell you that my husband wants a dog and a baby. What to do?!

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Thanks for starting this conversation! Richmond is overcast with potential rain showers. I had two root canals this week on the same tooth. I'm thankful for modern dentistry though.

Anonymous said...

It was nice hear from you take care

Love Barbara

Rien & Coby said...

Dear Laura,
Now I am tempted to respond. It's for me the first time to engage in "the blog works". Knowing you makes it easier. Can we exchange pictures as well, I wonder. I will hop around and find out.
Your kids grow. I remember your son was just a baby when we left Cyprus! Now he is going to school!
Till next exchange Laura!

Anonymous said...

Dear dear Laura,

You'll celebrate over and over putting on tea for yourself for sure! And sharing it with global family and friends. I understand afully the concenpt of of head full of thoughts desiring to be shared! Bless you for including us to share them with!

I have never 'blogged'- Jodi reads many but seldome responds except to young women in college whom she finds herself mentoring now and then.

Bill and I are first time snow birds in the Phoenix area. Fleeting hme sickness comes and goes! I asked Jodi to have Jacob and Allison build a snowman near our flag pole with one arm extended in a 'wave to neighbors and friends!

Would love to do London and surrounding nations via 'time share' with your folks sometime soon. We done Scottsdale and have Sadonna and Lake Tahoe on our calendar before we head for home the end of March.

We've significantly upgraded and have great opportunity for world travel for minimum of two days in single places rather than locked into a whole week.

Bless you all!

Maggie said...

Hi Laura! What a great idea. I'll have PG Tips or Tetley! Have you tried either of these British teas?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Laura. What a great idea. It was good to read about how you a doing. We look forward to more in the future.
John and Pam

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you have a blog! I will check from time to time,and comment. Love you,


Anonymous said...

Hey, I want to know where the MAN ZONE is around here, you know, arm pit scratching, 80 decibel belching, WD-40 stinkin, soap on a rope, lava flowing, V-8 483 hemi, tire screeching MAN ZONE!!! Signed, Matt's cousin. MATT- GET TO WORK AND GET YOUR BLOG MOVING!

E.B. Baker said...

Hey Chickie! Mmmm. Warm tea on a cold and rainy winter night. Perfect idea. Hugs all around, Liz

The Campbells said...

What Lee said!!! ;)
Aaron and Meredith...well...probably just Meredith look forward to tuning in.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Laura, Hope all is well. Mary and I are in California for a month. I have some work to do for Jeannie's landlord. We both have jobs in cape may for the summer season next year We enjoyed the photo of you and matt and the kids. We will watch your Blog. Lots of Blessings, Water & Mary

TeriO said...


What a BEAUTIFUL idea! One of the things that I hate most about being so far away from everyone is the "day to day" chatting. We got snow last night, so a cup of hot tea would be nice. However, Blake's morning nap is over and I must go make lunch! I look forward to another chat soon!

HUGS ---

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,
My cup of PG Tips is in hand (have to bring the teabags from the UK or Cyprus when we visit as they don't have them in Kuwait, just horrible Liptons! You kno what us Brits are like with our tea.)
It's cold and miserable so we're enjoying every minute of it before the summer heat sets in.
Gabriel is getting enrolled in the "big" school this week (can't believe it!) He's got to go for an interview (I'm going to be sweating bullets).
Thank God for modern technology so that we can be in touch.
Love, kisses and hugs to Matt, Jack and Sophie XX

Yvonne said...

hI Laura

Well good for you getting going with blog Alice will be impressed. I have a cup in hand and am thinking about the many days we had a pot of tea together while the boys played. It's is wet and windy here in Cyprus but we are glad of the rain as the water is now running short.

Love to you all Yvonne

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Laura,
This is Bev, of the "Rocky, Bev & Remington" family :)
I got your invite yesterday at work & wanted to wait till this morning at home, in the peace & quiet to respond.
It's a beautiful morning here too, almost like a cold spring day.
Rocky and several of our Sunday school men (Dennis Hansen, Stephen Reynolds, Randy Fox, Tommy Pace, Zeke Ryan, Garry Rund)are all ready to head to Uganda on Monday morning. Please keep them in your prayers, and know that we are praying for you and Matt and the kids. Rocky said "tell Jack & Sophie "hi" & that we keep your pictures on our refridge. We'd love to see some new ones if you get a chance to email some :))
Have a Blessed day in the Lord -
Bev Birckhead

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

hey, Laura! i enjoyed my cup of tea with you!! it was great to chat recently and to catch up on things. i hope we can do that again soon and maybe even get Skype to work out in the future. love you! melissa

Unknown said...

Hey Laura! It was great to chat recently. I hope we can do that again soon! Love you!

Becci said...

Good Evening Laura,

Great to hear from you. And, it's good to have a cup of tea. Vince and I are trying to stay warm in Kansas City. It was around 15 today. Burr!! There is nothing to stop that wind when it sweeps across the midlands.

Vince has started a new semester. He is working hard, but, seems to be doing well in all classes. He is taking a class in Oxford this summer. He will leave here around the 21st of May. I will join him as soon as school is out on the 25th. I am very excited about visiting England again. Maybe we'll have a real cup of tea together.

The adoption process is moving along. We hope to have our little boy in about 1 yr. We are very excited and still amazed that this is all happening. God is so good!

My work continues to keep me busy, but, things are becoming more of a routine than all new as it was in the beginning. I find myself really enjoying my 8th graders. Who would have ever thought that! The ninth graders still need a little work.

I have recently signed up with Lisa and am in the TS business. This is in preparation for when we bring our little boy home.

That's it for now. I'll try to keep in touch this way.

Good evening,

Anonymous said...

Dear Laura,
It's Sunday morning and Em and I are at home while Phil and Noah are in Naivasha. Daniel is at AIC. Pete is on his way to SUDAN. As you said... lots to catch up on- I'll write about May soon.....

Anonymous said...

Yahoo! Way to jump on the blog wagon . . .it's a good thing. Lots of love!

Anne Nelson said...

Its Anne Nelson. Summer told me that you had a blog but if you do not want me chacking it then just tell me. We are in Nairobi now and the Suburbs are very nice (I have a post up about it We met our safari guide, Carter who is very nice and.....well I can't wait till we start the safari. Well I better go.
~Anne Nelson

Nancy Wicker said...

It is so nice to have a cup of tea with you. I can't believe how big the kids are getting. Give everyone a big hug and a kiss.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura, Kathy Lewis here from Cyprus. It's lovely hearing how you have made friends there in London, not the easiest place in the world to do that. Would love to have "a cup of tea" with you and a chat, praise the Lord for blogs!! Kerry home in 7 months...yes, I'm counting the days, can't wait to see her.
Cyprus is cold and rainy today, feels like I am back in England. Take care and have a blessed day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura, Dad told me about your clever idea of a blog! Right now, I'm on the community computer and want to chat with you over afternoon tea...and yes, I do still have some PG Tips here! It has been raining for about 4 days, a result, I'm sure of the devastating tornado north of us recently. We went to exercise class the morning and Dad has just left for his evening class, so I have 2 hours to myself. As I drink my tea, will be thinking of you and holding you in my heart as always, looking forward to seeing you and baby Sophie soon. much love, mom

Judith said...

...sip... I love hot tea and good conversation. It's nice to be able to share both with you in this very surreal type of way. Do you remember sharing exotic fruit and brie cheese one sunny morning in nairobi? Let's add that to our virtual tea party next time, okay?

It is good to know you are connecting with women in your neighborhood. Daily friendships are so very important.

Isaiah 63:7-9

Read it in the Message version!

peace and love - Cousin Judi

Anonymous said...

Hi Lovely to be part of your conversation. South Africa at the moment is sunnny skies and braaivleis (barbeques for you Americans). Still think often with love my time in Cyprus. thank you for your kindness and love while I was there. Will chat again when I have more time. Love Zina Anastasiou

Char said...

Good morning Laura! I'm enjoying my downtime/Micah's nap now & we're going on 1hr, 20min! Haven't seen that in a while! So happy to read of His amazing answers! He is so good! He has been moving in my husband's heart toward missions! Not sure what it means yet but I am excited!! Have a blessed week! I'll check in often! Love the idea! Char