Monday, November 26, 2007

Let's Hear It For the NHS

This morning at Superdrug I pulled out my wallet to pay for antibiotics for little Sophie's chest and ear infections, when the pharmacist informed me that prescription medication for children (and pensioners) is FREE in the UK. She looked at me like, "How could anyone even think of charging money to treat the very young and the very old?" Hm. She's got a point.


Judith said...

RYC: I'll be checking out your recommended site. THanks for giving my experiences a name - I'm reading a book by Brian McLaren called "a Generous Orthodoxy (followed by a long but intriguing subtitle). In it, the author talks about the difference between orthodoxy (right thinking and opinion about the gospel) and orthopraxy (right practice of the gospel)..sounds like it could be a good compliment to your current read. Praying for you as you live out the Kingdom of God in the UK. Love and Joy be yours.

Anonymous said...

Well I suppose therte are benefits for living in UK hey. Enjoy it!!! but it would be better if the kids were not sick. I have a cold hrere too but that is I believe more to do with going in and out of air conditioning. The day teperature is still about 27-28 C here in Sharjah but the evenings are a bit cooler thankfully. Great to hear that despite the weather England is treating you well. Love to you all. Andree