Monday, November 5, 2007

Have Audience, Will Speak

On Friday morning I invited a few mums of boys from Jack’s class back to our house while the children were in school. Among us we spoke four languages -- English, Hindi, Italian and Polish -- but not one of us could understand Sophie.

My little sweetheart babbled on and on all morning while singing songs, looking at books, taking her baby doll for a walk in the stroller and bringing toys to the other mums. Deliriously happy to have not only free reign of the toys but also our undivided attention, she spoke at length with each of us.

I can only imagine all that she was talking about, but she clearly enjoyed herself -- which is the main thing, I guess. Talking with girlfriends and drinking tea... Sophie’s practical education is starting early!

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Anonymous said...

I ma so glad to hear from you and am glad to be able to keep up with you all and your glorious works! I am so excited every time I read! It makes me think about my own existance and purpose. I argue with myself daily. No one wins, but, we have some good arguments!

Thanks for keeping us posted! We really enjoy it! Love to all!

LM/MM North Carolina