Saturday, September 29, 2007

For Love of Settee

Since moving to England last summer, Matt and I have noticed a few things the British are passionate about. The clear, overall favorite is football, i.e., soccer. Think of the love that Americans have for baseball, basketball and our version of football combined. Then multiply that by fifty thirty hundred (Jack's favorite, "most highest" number). It's true, the British also love their chips, i.e., french fries. Teenagers on the street eat them as an afternoon snack on their way home from school; grown-ups eat them for lunch. In fact, the potato is practically omnipresent in the British diet. But to our outsider view, one more thing runs closely behind these two. Apparently, as Matt says, these people be lovin' their couches.

What is with UK television commercials for sofas? You heard me. Sofas. Matt and I are sitting here watching The X-Factor (the British version of American Idol), and Every. Single. Break! shows at least one commercial for a BIG SALE (always in capital letters) on sofas in one furniture store or another. The strange thing is, this is not unusual. Similar ads are constantly on the telly. Adverts are dropped through the mail slot in our front door on a weekly basis. Full-page ads are taken out in local newspapers. And there are two massive sofa showrooms within three miles of our small town. There is absolutely no telling how many sofa sets are being bought and sold in the UK's bigger cities.

We have yet to figure out this love affair with the couch. Any insight? (Anyone? Anyone?)

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