Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Collecting My Thoughts and Trying To Hold Onto Them

I'm making a list.

I wake up each morning intending to do all kinds of things that, somehow, I never do. Little organizational things like putting pictures into frames, going through our closets for donations to the charity shops and updating Sophie's baby book. Big meaningful things like finishing those parenting books, updating our blessings journal and making phone calls I've been meaning to make.

Lists motivate me and help keep me focused. I'm much more productive when I'm working from a list than when I'm just winging it. Some days winging it can be relaxing and therapeutic, but some days I end up feeling like I've wasted a perfectly good chance to get something done.

What I really need to keep a list of, though, in addition to tasks, is ideas for posts on this blog. During the day I'm struck with great ideas -- funny things that happen, little observations on life, conversations with my kids -- but by the time I sit down to the computer, it's all gone. My memory is hopeless. I'm going to have to start doing those special keep-your-brain-active quiz things that they advertise for the elderly. Or else, I'm going to have to carry a pen and paper with me wherever I go.

Because today, for example, several excellent ideas came to mind...

Ummm, what was I saying?


Edith said...

Oh my...I so do the same thing! I work much much better when I've at least written down what I need to do each day. As far as blog ideas go...I keep a journal in my purse, have been known to write on napkins, 3x5 cards or whatever else is handy. The challenge then becomes keeping track of them.

jan said...

Laura! I've been carrying pen and a small notebook for years! (even to the breakfast table). We call it my brain. My kids tease me, but I noticed a notebook Emily has also titled, "brain."