Wednesday, January 2, 2008

On Our Knees for Kenya

After a lovely, sweet time with our families in Michigan and Virginia over the holidays, we're packing and preparing to return to England this week. I haven't made time for blogging lately, but once we get resettled at home, I hope to get back on track. Considering all that's going on in Kenya, though, I feel it's only right to post something. Anything. Except I'm in such shock, such sadness at the news reports, I hardly know what to say.

"Happy New Year" has a hollow ring to it this year.

Please, please, pray for Kenya. Pray for peace. Pray for reconciliation. Pray for God's Spirit to intervene as events unfold. Pray that the situation there will be resolved with justice NOW and that it will NOT unravel into another genocide like Rwanda, Burundi and Sudan.

Please, please, read all you can about what's happening in Kenya. Check out websites like CNN International, the BBC, TIME, and Assist News (world news from a Christian perspective). Educate yourself about Kenyan history, its politics and its people. Talk about what's going on there among your family and friends so that they can put the current news into context, too. Let's raise awareness of the unrest there so that more people outside Kenya can pray specifically and intelligently on behalf of all those within the country, regardless of tribe.

And see Hotel Rwanda if you haven't already. Let it NOT be said this time that the world watched for a moment and then looked away.

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Emily M said...

Aunt Laura,

is an excellent website that compiles articles from different newspapers in East Africa. They also post videos from Kenya's NTV.

This is so sad and scary.