Thursday, March 15, 2007

Elijah Update

For those of you who know Saca and Joel and have been praying for Baby Elijah, some news! This is from Saca’s update today:

God is doing amazing things. He is not finished with Elijah yet. We prayed and prayed and wept that God would take him home quickly. God let us know that it was not time. He must have others to reach through this little guy. We do not know if it is days, months, or years. But ELIJAH IS STILL WITH US! He has some serious problems up in his little head due to the blockage of his veins to his head but we are grateful to have him for whatever time the Lord allows.

We are home now. The hospital told us that there is nothing they can do for us anymore. They gave us the option of staying or going home. We decided that we would like to have our little man at home. Joel told the doctor, if he is healed only God can receive the credit not the doctors and medicines. We learned how to feed him through a feeding tube and received morphine to help him with pain. We shed tears as we said good-bye to so many in the hospital. Strange, isnt it? Most people do not get to know the people in hospitals, just go in and heal and get out. Elijah has touched many lives and many people were sad to say good-bye to him. The doctors wish there had been a different outcome and are just sad. On the way home he seemed to perk up a bit. My sisters, sister-in-law, niece and mom and dad have arrived and they have been able to meet Elijah and hold him and take care of him. They are being a great help.

We have been overwhelmed with the love and concern expressed throughout the world. We have wept while reading emails and met amazing people. Many of you have shared your personal pain and experiences with us and that has encouraged us as we prepare for what God may have for us. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the updates about Saca - I got a link to your blog site through Michelle Collins and have been passing the news on to my parents (Larry and Jan Gray). We are all praying for them.

Anonymous said...

Hey I Just got this info off of the RVA web page. Saca used to be my dorm mom when I was in 11thgrade. I haven't kept in contact with her since I got married but if you have her e-mail address I would love to get it so I can send her a message and let her know that we are praying for her. Thank you so much. My name is Leah Eernisse. my e-mail is thanks.