Saturday, January 16, 2010

Help for Haiti

Maybe it's because of my experience teaching at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya (although no major incidents occurred during the years I lived there), but I can imagine only too well what it would be like for a major disaster to happen and for our school campus to be used as relief headquarters for people living in that area of the country.

This is exactly what is happening now at Quisqueya Christian School in Haiti. Friends from college work there, and that's why I linked to QCS in my previous post. According to my friend's brother's blog, a German medical team is set up at QCS now, as is a group from Crisis Response International. An emergency US Army team is on their way as well. You can donate directly to the ongoing relief efforts at QCS by going to their website. Just click the "donate" button at the bottom of the page.


aeleblanc4 said...

I love you Laura.
Though I could never write as well as you, I wanted to share this site with you.
My journey is beginning with teaching abroad and I thought you might like to 'listen' to a few of my experiences.
I'm in Beijing, China for an internship.
Amy LeBlanc

aeleblanc4 said...

oops, sorry. i meant
no 'with'