Wednesday, July 22, 2009

End of Term

Today is the last day of Jack's school year. Oooh, he's had an exciting time of it these past few weeks.

First, there was the end-of-term concert. Since half-term break, the entire school has been studying Life On the Ocean Wave, with all of their subjects reflecting that focus. In their concert, Jack's class sang We All Live In A Yellow Submarine. We've been listening to Jack sing it for weeks on end, and he'll happily sing it to you on demand whether you're in person, on the phone or on skype, just as long as you're prepared to listen to it in its entirety.

Here he is with the other Year 1 pirates/sailors, proudly waving his favorite flag, the Union Jack. (Too bad I didn't get a photo of their performance of What Do We Do With A Drunken Sailor? Seriously, only in Britain.)

Then there was the school Fun Day, which got rained out at first, but then was successfully held in conjunction with Sports Day, in spite of heavy rains the night before. Here's Jack in the Hat Parade, wearing his interpretation of the ideal summer holiday: camping and fishing.

Continuing along the nautical theme, one of the events on Sports Day was a clever little relay called Rescue the Sailor. Jack's team won first place!

And here's the sprint, which he didn't win but enjoyed immensely.

Matt did really well in the dads' race-around-the-field, coming just behind a guy who runs marathons and two guys who are about 30 years old. He left all the 6-foot-plus dads in the dust! Sophie and I watched and cheered from the sidelines.

Actually, Sophie won the little siblings/toddlers' race as well, but we didn't get a photo of that because Matt was coaching her from the starting line. She had a busy last week at nursery, though, too. I'll try to get those pictures up soon.

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Aunt Pooh said...

What DO we do with a drunken sailor?

Nice hat, by the way :)