Sunday, March 29, 2009

Breakfast Theology

In preparation for Easter, we're reading from the children's Bible at breakfast -- a couple stories at a time in hopes of arriving at the Resurrection story on Easter morning. This morning we read about Jesus' first miracle (water to wine! at a celebration of love and happiness! listening to your mother!) and then about Jesus' teaching on prayer.

I only got through the first line -- Jesus went up to a mountainside to pray -- before I interrupted myself to say, "When you're old enough to go out into nature by yourself, you're going to love it! There's nothing like being outside to pray."

Then it was Jack's turn: "And pee-pee."

Ooops. In my head I was scrambling, "Hm. Wasn't expecting this. Not sure how to respond. Daddy usually handles such boy issues, but he's away this week..." when Jack explained, "Do you know why it's so great? Because there's no one around."

Whew! That was my cue. "And that's exactly why it's perfect for praying, because you're all alone with God," I said.

Somehow we managed to finish reading the story about the Lord's Prayer, and I thought it would be good for us to say the prayer together. Jack repeated each line after me. The language is a bit tricky, but he got most of it. I liked his first line the best: Our Father in heart and heaven...


Ruth said...

So funny! Little boys are unpredictable, huh? :-)

Anonymous said...

Boys - Gotta love the outside pee thing - I think it's just an inherent part of who they are! Smiles! LM