Thursday, July 12, 2007

Boy Culture Meets Girl Culture

To hear it from Jack, who absolutely adores his nursery school, he doesn’t really do much there except ride bikes. Not so for the girls in his class! To celebrate the end of term (next Friday), ten of us mums met for dinner last night at a local high street restaurant. Eight of them have girls, and we spent the first part of the evening comparing notes about the differences between the boys’ version of What You Did in School Today (“Oh, nothing”) and the girls’ version (elaborate, fanciful stories). As I was chatting with one, she said, “Oh, you’re Jack’s mum! My daughter informs me that she’s married to Jack.” (Pardon me?) “Yes,” this woman continued, “She came home one day and said, ‘Mum, Jack and I are married. He’s the Handsome Prince.' ”


Tiekanjello said...

That's a good one, Aunt Laura. Made me laugh.:)

I hear some members of my family will be meeting up with you in a few days. Hope you'll be able to recognize 'em!!

Anonymous said...

I don’t remember exactly how the topic of marriage came up during dinner tonight. Lily (age 9) declared that she wasn’t going to get married until she was at least 35. We never got an explanation for her announcement. Silas (age 7) stated that he was never going to get married. Expecting the reason to be something related to the unpleasant nature of girls in general, or fearing his rationale somehow related to the example of marriage he most often observes, I asked him why, to which he responded, “Because I don’t want to get a job.” We thought that was rather responsible of him, in a sideways sort of way. Hopefully, he’ll eventually change his mind on both counts, marriage and employment.